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  1. FX5U Modbus communication

  2. FX5U Modbus communication

    Hello , I have a project with Fx5u CPU (master) and 03 Counterpart device( are same Slave Addresss) using Modbus RTU communication  I have a quesiton : It is possible set FX5u CPU with 03 Master ? my configu FX5U-64MR/DS (Master) CH1 : MODBUS_RTU Communication (Master_1) CH3 : PREDEFINED PROTOCOL SUPPORT FUNCTION (Master_2) CH4 : PREDEFINED PROTOCOL SUPPORT FUNCTION (Master_3) COUNTERPART DEVICE (Slave) : MODBUS COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL Communication Parameter Value Transmission Mode RTU Data Rate 19200 Baud Sensor Slave Address 0xA2 (= 162dec) Response Timeout 1000 ms Message format 1 start bit 8 data bits, least significant bit sent first 1 bit even Parity 1 stop bit.                    Thank you!                     The best regards,