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  1. Problem With RSLinx Classic

    Thank you all for your help. I have been trying all suggestions and surfing the net for the last 3 days and still have not found a solution. I am learning AB PLC online. The first I installed were RSLogix Micro and RSLinx Lite all version 3.8 and Emulate 500. The problem started when I advanced to Allen Bradley PACs and had to install Studio 5000 as well as all the supporting software. The RSLinx failed to work and then I decided to re-install, it would not. I downloaded version 3.9, the RSLinx worked but not the Studio 5000. I have now decided to RESET my computer and wipe off all installed program and start all over again. Now I would like to know from experienced experts whether I can install RXLogix Micro, RS Emulate 500, RSLinx Classic and Studio 5000 all on the same computer without conflicts and if possible how? Thank you all.
  2. Problem With RSLinx Classic

    Thank you TWControls. I watched the video but did not find the file nor the folder. I deleted every folder or file related to Rockwell. Whenever I typed RSLinx classic into the search in Windows 10, the app shows but when I clicked on it, it does not work.
  3. Hi Everyone. I need help bad. For some reason the RSLinx Classic on my computer was not working. I decided to re-install it but could not do that. Then I uninstalled it  but would not. I reinstalled all others but RSLinx would not. I cleaned the registry and again did not succeed either to install or uninstall. Does anybody have an idea what is going on? Please help. Thanks.