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  1. 1746-INT4 Used for Position

    Joe, Thanks!!  I actually just got called out to that machine about 10 mins ago and was in the panel.  It is a 3rd party module.  AMCI 7500 I believe (just glanced real quick).   Thanks for your help!
  2. 1746-INT4 Used for Position

    When i realized it was a Thermocouple Mod*
  3. 1746-INT4 Used for Position

    Thanks for the reply.   That was the first thing I checked when I saw it.  When i realized it was a Mod it peaked my interest to know if there was a reason. I copied the program file to this post. LTD - Linear Transducer. Thanks again SCHWABE_3_PLC_2019_01_16.RSS
  4. 1746-INT4 Used for Position

    Hello, My apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place. I am working on a press that is using a 1746-INT4 to look at the position of the ram.  The press is using an LDT as the sensor reading back to the INT4. It obviously works. The press runs everyday.  I'm wondering if there would be a reason to use this instead of just a voltage or current analog card?   Thank you in advance for the replies.