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  1. I actually am using View Designer.  I should have included that on the original post.  Under Communications -> Download, I see a 3 step dialog: 1. Specify Destination and Language 2. Controller Reference (which begs another beginner question *) 3. Download *Why does the Logix Project file point to a location on the machine builder's hard drive?
  2. I have a PanelView 5310 running a project called "Revision A."  I made a small change to the project and saved it as "Revision B." I downloaded my new project to the HMI, but upon the next reboot, the HMI ran "Revision A."  Does the HMI store older projects and does the desired startup project need to specified somehow?
  3. The CC-Link system on a machine has been intermittently dropping out.  Normally the Link Scan Time runs at a solid 87ms.  When the system "drops out", the link scan time will increase.  Sometimes double, triple, or go up 10x. It happens when the machine is running or when it sits idle. There are 33 stations on the network.  The same stations do not always fault but sometimes all of the stations will fault at once (as seen in the attachment pictures.) We have changed the main QJ61BT11N, the processor, the Q62N power supply, the main backplane (base unit), all cards on the main backplane.  Is it possible for one station or one of the cables to create a network wide problem?  Any ideas thrown at us would be appreciated. 
  4. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Thanks kaare_t, You have a private message from me.
  5. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Ron_S, Yes, I have tried that.  Hovering over the contacts with labels/addresses gives a their identity.  Hovering over the ambiguous contacts does not show anything- nothing pops up. I took screenshots to illustrate.  I circled the contacts that I am hovering over in each shot:  
  6. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    collinsd70, Sorry for the confusion.  In my program, there are contacts with no local label, global label, address, or any information identifying what they are.  Even after a clean read from the PLC.  The PLC is processing, but what we see are completely blank contacts among other contacts which we can see the assignment.   In the first picture I posted in this topic, you can see an example of my problem.  You can see there are contacts shown with no labels, addresses, or any other information identifying what they are.  
  7. Mitsubishi QJ71C24N Scrambled Data

    Sorry if I am misunderstanding, but is this what you need?    
  8. This sounds like you are having the same problem that I had.  When I switched to Windows 10, I had to do the following and it seemed to fix it: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockwell Software\Studio 5000\Logix Designer\ENU\v21\Bin\   Right click LogixDesigner.exe   Run as admin and enter credentials I suppose your path will be V26 instead and you will need to have admin privileges.
  9. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Hello collinsd70 I am new to programming with labels so please excuse me if I misunderstand your suggestion: I turned on Device Display in the the newest program that is missing labels.  I also turned on Device Display in the working, original program (a screen capture is attached).  The physical addresses of some inputs can be seen in the original program but not in the newest.  If they are physical input addresses, would that mean they are not variables?
  10. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Thanks Bryll I just now exported the options from an original, working copy of the program.  I then  imported them into the latest program with the missing labels.  Unfortunately, it still does not show the labels.
  11. We have an iQ-r R08cpu that will not display some labels or addresses.  The PLC and the machine it controls run as expected.  However, when we read from the PLC, some of the labels and addresses are not shown.  Although it runs as expected, we are hesitant to make any changes or write to the PLC. There is a screenshot attached.  Any advice or solutions for this?