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  1. I'm very new to sysmac. I am trying to display the current date and time in the corner of each of my HMI pages. I saw a button labeled date and time. It is asking for a variable for behavior. Do I need to write some basic structured text or FB in plc to get date and time and pass it over? I figured the button would update itsself since when I placed it on the screen it had the current date and time and refreshes every time I leave the page and come back. 
  2. Sysmac HMI

    I am fresh out of school and new to automation programming. My employer has asked me to come up with a way to show through the HMI the position of an encoder. Are there any HMI tools that do this in sysmac? Again I have limited experience.    Thanks
  3. Sysmac HMI

    Hi gclshortt. Thanks for the advice. I did find an internal variable names shuttle position for each of our motors. I am currently writing a mapping sequence to move them to global variables I can access through the HMI. My next step is to figure out how I want to display this information on the HMI. Any tips?