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  1. CC-Link IE + C#

    Gambit, I'm going to ask why they recommended the MR-J4 line and not the JE.  I think it's because we need 110VAC and the JE line doesn't offer that.
  2. CC-Link IE + C#

    Thanks GreenMan!  I'm going to take a look.  All we need to do is home to a proximity sensor.  Then repeatedly send a command to perform a relative move x counts/steps and I'm assuming passing the velocity, acceleration, and direction as parameters.
  3. CC-Link IE + C#

    kaare_t hit the nail on the head.  Yes, we are an OEM of a combination weighing machine.  We already have 30+ machines out there which a very developed controller.  The controller is also an all in one PC, so we can't add a PCI board.  Plus the cost couldn't be justified for one servo motor that doesn't have to do anything particularly special.  The servo will be used for a starwheel indexing system and possibly in another application, the indexing or tracking of pockets on a conveyor belt.
  4. CC-Link IE + C#

    Thank you kaare_t.  I'll do more research but like you said, I'm afraid I'll have to go with another manufacturer.  I think another Mitsubishi servo line supports Modbus TCP, but apparently we need the MR-J4 to meet our needs. Hopefully the PLC line is what we're looking for in the future.  There is so much competition out there it is tough to choose the manufacturer to go with.
  5. CC-Link IE + C#

    Thanks for the insight. Our controller is a custom C# application that talks to all devices via Ethernet and Modbus TCP.  We really don't want to go serial or to add any additional hardware (cost and potential to break).  Since there are other brand servos out there that communicate Modbus TCP, it is hard to sell the team on having to buy an additional hardware module to get this to work. The Mitsubishi Ethernet/IP servo amplifier is $250 more than CC-Link IE, so that makes it a tough sale as well and not as clean.  
  6. CC-Link IE + C#

    We have a controller written in C# and need to integrate a servo.  We are looking at the Mitsubishi servo MR-J4 line.  Unfortunately it doesn't support Modbus TCP but does have the CC-Link IE protocol.  Does anybody know if it is possible to talk to CC-Link IE via C#?   I'm having a helluva time trying to find an answer.  I see some thing about Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) and CC-Link but the info is somewhat sporadic.  Any advice is much appreciated as I've never worked with the Mitsubishi product line (but interested in their PLCs).