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  1. Kinetix 5500 - Fault <Excessive Velocity Error>

    Hi Jobbe9000 Thank you so much for the replies. I really appreciate your help and your opinion, will take some action based on your suggestive idea. 
  2. Kinetix 5500 - Fault <Excessive Velocity Error>

    Armadillo852 may i know what is mechanical bind ? Because im quite new to these stuff 
  3. Hi Guys, I need your various suggestion and helps on this issues. Past few days we facing an issues whereby the gantry of Z-axis which using the Kinetix 5500 servo drive straight crash down on the conveyor. The fault was Excessive Velocity Error and the first thing we took a look was the teaching and the speed. Somehow the teaching value of the motor and the speed was alright, we are running the axis on 100% speed. We have no idea the fault might be on the wiring or it might be the acceleration of the motor speed. We use to run this machine onsite at various customer, and this happens past few days. We run out of idea and we will be very much appreciated if there is any helpful idea could be bring up to. Steps taken so far; - Verify encoder value - Checked teaching position - Verify speed,acceleration and deceleration value was correct - Power motor connector was shielded