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  1. Yes, it is solution. But the software that I am using (MBE driver v7.48) is able to read directly analog inputs. It works with other PLCs, for example M221 (TM221CE16R). I believe there must be something wrong in configuration of PLC in SoMachine. If anyone has an idea please share it with us. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is not problem. And I managed that so I am reading correct address. But this would not produce that kind of error. There is something wrong in program or configuration but I can't figure it out.
  3. Hello! I am new at programing PLCs. I am using TM241CE24R PLC with TM3AI4 analog input module. I can successfully read temperature from 4-20 mA sensor. I want to communicate with my PC (SCADA) via Modbus TCP. For testing purposes I am using CAS Modbus Scanner. I can read digital inputs, coils and holding registers successfully. Problem is that I can't read analog inputs (#300001 etc.).  I have nothing defined in GVL list. Is this causing problem? I also don't have any Modbus TCP Slave device in Ethernet_1. But how can be all the other registers read successfully?  Please take a look at screenshots below. Also check Error message from CAS Modbus Scanner. Where is problem? Please help. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I have the same problem. Did you solve the problem?? Is there any soultion or mistake I am doing?   Thanks in advance.
  5. MBE Driver can't save config file

    Hello!I am using MBE Driver v7.46b on Windows Server 2012 R2. Problem is that I can't save config file. I can edit Channels, devices and data blocks, I can see incomming values, I save a file without any message. But config file is not saved. In Event viewer I get error as you can see on picture. It says: Error writing to system registry: Driver App 00000001 \Driver defaults. Other error says: Error writing to system registry: ServerMsg 00C54BB8 \Driver defaults.Is it server or driver problem? Please help. At the moment I can't edit anything in driver so I can't configure it to use it with my SCADA iFIX 5.8
  6. Hello! I am using S7-1200 PLC 1212C AC/DC with configured Modbus TCP Server. I can already read/write Inputs/Outputs (Coils) and Memory Words. However I'd like to read/write Memory BITS. Is it possible? If so, how? What addresses should I use in TIA portal? And which function codes on client side? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! I am beginner in PLC world, also in SIEMENS PLCs. I managed communication over private network. Now I have a problem that I get same values on all inputs. Picture below shows my configuration of driver and data monitor. First picture shows values when input I0.0 is in state 0. Second picture shows values when input I0.0 is in state 1. Physically on PLC only input I0.0 is forced to 1, input I0.1 stays 0. But data monitor shows both inputs as state 1. Where is problem? Is problem in PLC program, TIA portal? I saw some guys using DataBlocks but I am not skilled enough to use it. Third picture shows simple PLC program on my PLC. Please help. Thanks in advance!
  8. S7-1200 with SCADA driver S7A not working

    I solved my issue. For further users: in S7A driver Dest. IP Address must be static IP set by RADIUS server fot private network. In TIA portal configuration is fine as it shows picture 1 (IP set in project). In router there must be port mapping configured: open TCP port 102 for IP address which you set in TIA portal.
  9. Hello! I am trying to connect my PLC with SCADA. I am using S7-1200 1212C CPU (RELAY outputs). My SCADA system is iFIX 5.8 with driver S7A. I am trying to establish connection via GPRS router (TCP/IP). Port being used is 102 (default by S7A driver). In my company we have private network, SIM card in GPRS router gets static IP (set by RADIUS server)  which is 10.247.XXX.XXX. My PLC has IP set in Project. I am not sure what am I doing wrong. How to correctly set IP address in PLC to communicate in private network via GPRS router with static IP? I already enabled TCP port 102 in my router but I am not sure to which IP should I enable it because I am not sure if IP address set in PLC is correct. Should I use some communication blocks in program? I also enabled PUT/GET function (see attached pictures). Please help. Thanks in advance! :)  
  10. Thanks a lot for your replies. @Wasan, scale equations work great, also your program example is perfect. It's all clear to me. Thanks!
  11. Hello! I am new at PLC programming. I am using TM221CE16R PLC with TM3AI8 analog input module and SoMachine Basic v1.6. I am trying to scale analog input value. I am using 4-20 mA pressure sensor. I managed my wiring so that I get raw values in SoMachine Basic. But I don't know how to scale these values to usable values. My sensor works in range 0 - 16 bar. What is best way to get values? Is it PID function block or multioperand function block using equations to get range 0 - 16? I will appreciate your help.   Thanks in advance!
  12. M221

    Hello jem233, I am also new to PLC programming. I am using TM221CE16R and SoMachine Basic v1.6. I am trying to get analog measurements into PLC. I downloaded your project and I see you used PID. Was this working OK for you? Could you also send me wiring you did on your analog input module? I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. After a month and with help of technical support we figured out that problem was with hardware on PLC. They sent me new PLC. Thanks for help!
  14. I already uploaded latest firmware (, but error is still there. It's really weird that changing firmware doesn't clear this mistake. After uploading firmware I still got error light blinking and the same error message. I am afraid about hardware being corrupted. Is there any hardware reset? Or some hard reset for these Schneider M221 PLCs?? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for reply! Expansion slot in program and attached to PLC have the same part numbers. Expansion slot plug is not damaged. Voltage to expansion slot is correct, also without any voltage it has PWR (power) LED on.  IF I configure program without any expansion slot, erase program in controller and upload new configuration, I got the same error. Really can't figure out what could be problem. My whole configuration worked fine for 2 hours. After NO CHANGES it stopped working, as I remember PLC got disconnected by itself and reconnected (USB, not physically), then suddenly everything stopped working and I got this message. Any ideas?