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  1. Using two PWM function

    When I have this functions, which are shown on the fig below, the actuator moves. But if I add another PWM function with the same output, the actuator doesnt move. Lights on the controller is showing that controller uses outputs. I tried to block one function of the PWM by using memory bit but it  didnt work.   PS these two functions for the output Y1 dont work simultaneously. I want to move the actuator automatic and manual.
  2. Using two PWM function

    Sorry, I have outputs Y0 and Y1.
  3. Using two PWM function

    I have version 24MT
  4. Using two PWM function

    Hi kaare_t Im using Mitsubishi FX 3G-24M and outputs Y0 , Y2
  5. Using two PWM function

    Hi, I want to send impulses to the actuator by PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation). I have 2 functions which are using PWM with the same output, but in that fact, actuator doesnt move. If I have one function PWM, the actuator moves. Is there any connection with one PWM function which introduce the noise to second one? Is there any method to use two functions of PWM. Thanks in advance.
  6. High-Speed Counter Input

    Hi, I working on reading impulse from the input. I am using M8000 as a contact, on the coil [C235 K9999] and it is working fine on the lad, but the problem is I need to applicate sth like that in structure ladder but I dont know how. I found function on the image below but it is for FX3U. I know that 2-phase 2-count input use OUT_C(for example EN True| CCoil CC251| CValue K0) and then DMOV(for example EN True| s CN251| d D100), so is there any method to read impulses from the input? .Thanks in advance. PS I have Mitsubishi FX3G series.  
  7. HMI GOT1030 Windows Screen

    @Gambit Thanks for help i didnt unchecked window bar and now works well
  8. HMI GOT1030 Windows Screen

    Hi, I am currently working on window screen. I don't know how to disable function of closing the window (see attached red screen). The window screen is showing by pressing button on input. My settings are shown on the screens below.