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  1. Hi Chantecler! you are definately not intruding!  I appreciate your comment.   BTW I am a big fan of U of M !  I grew up in Michigan not far from there  :) Yes, terminal 34 will be connected to encoder pin T and the negative of the 24vdc power supply. Dan
  2. I have attached the copy from the Rockwell manual of the 1756-IB16IF module, I also attached a copy of the way I wired it to the 845D Gray code Encoder (NPN Open Collector). Ken, see if you think I goofed up. Thanks! Dan
  3. Thanks Ken. inwill post a drawing of how I think it’s sposed to wire to the 1756-IB16IF tomorrow. let me know if you think there is something wrong with my thought process. THANKS! Dan
  4. Here’s a photo of the inside of the encoder
  5. I believe I toasted it when I accidentally swapped polarity of the 24vdc to the encoder. (I fried the encoder, not the module) i am still apprehensive that possibly something else damaged the encoder?
  6. Hello,  I am migrating a PLC-5 to Control Logix.   Due to location etc, we need to keep the existing 845D-SHHZ25AGCW4 Encoders.  (256 counts, single turn 24vdc NPN open Collector.) I tried to use a 1756-Ib16IF, but I toasted my spare encoder.  (Have to get another one). My question is has anyone ever done this since the 1771-DL is not made in CLX form factor.   Also, what Module did you use if you did try this and if you have a wiring diagram,  would be great!  (I cannot afford another fried encoder) Thanks! Dan