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  1. I just wish to display the data. The means does not matter to me (eg: in excel). 
  2. Thanks! Will look into this more. If you have some free software alternatives that you recommend, please let me know.
  3. I want to communicate between AB PLC and a Laptop 
  4. At the moment, I would like to just communicate process data back and forth between the devices. I do not want to use RSLinx or bulky softwares. Is there a hardware adapter in the market that can do this? If not, please let me know some of the free software which you recommend using.  
  5. I have a AB CompactLogix L43S with 1768 ENBT Ethernet/IP module. I would like to talk to a TCP/IP device (such as my laptop) from the PLC. How can I do this without using RSLinx?