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  1. 1756-OA16 I.FuseBlown bits

    Hi there, I'm using an AC output module (OA16) and I noticed the FuseBlown input word (Local:13:I.FuseBlown) in my controller tags, which I've never noticed before, and I don't quite understand what the bits represent. I am familiar with the I.FuseBlown status word for a 1756-OB16E output module, for example. Each of the first 16 bits represents an electronic fuse for the corresponding output has "blown". The user manual for digital I/O says that, for the OA16, each of the 2 groups of outputs (0-7 & 8-15) is fused internally. However, I can't figure out how the actual FuseBlown bits work for this module. Does I.FuseBlown.0 = Group 0 (outputs 0-7), or Output 0? If the Group 0 fuse blows, are the first 8 FuseBlown bits (0-7) set to 1s? Or is FuseBlown.0 for Group 0, and FuseBlown.1 for Group 1? Thanks!