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  1. https://t.me/pump_upp

  2. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software?

    Yeah I checked the chapter 12.4.2 and I understood that the program is called SINUCOPY-FFS, but it was discontinued already 15years ago. https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/21320308/announcement-software-sinucopy-ffs-to-be-discontinued?dti=0&lc=en-WW
  3. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software?

    https://share.icloud.com/photos/0c7QDdx5mrM_ZyVtkJiNqyWVQ I hope this link works siemens part number: 6FC5247-0AA00-0AA2
  4. Hello I would like to make a backup from the parameters/program of SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX, but I have never done it before. Can someone tell me which software to use for it? Since there have been already 2 cases in past year were the NCU memory has been wiped without a reason.
  5. Mathematical equation in memory

    Alright, I believe I understood you! I will try it soon and hopefully it will work. Thank you so much for your help Garry!   Mikk
  6. Mathematical equation in memory

    Hello, I do not understand this part, how can I get 8500 out of 8500 0000 
  7. Hello, I would like to make mathematical equation, but I am not very good with Omron. On operator panel I can adjust such parameter with memory location of "WR00097" (it can be adjusted on operator panel from 0 to 10 000; 0 = 0% and 10 000 = 100%) I would like to make equation which takes the the WR00097 and subtract by 15% and puts the new value to memory location WR00095. So if value in WR00097 is 10 000 then I want the value in WR00095 is 8 500. Can anyone help me to find a way how to do it?
  8. MicroWIN, problem: "Class not registered"

    Thank you Jairus, you are totally right, the installed version was totally incompatible for my operating system. for Windows 7 and XP SP3 you need latest SP9 aka  V4.0.9.25 for older Windows OS you must use older versions. as far as I know then it doesn't work on windows 8 and 10.
  9. Hello, I am not very experienced with Siemens PLC's I want to change program in one S7-200 CPU 226 (profibus). I have never connected my laptop to it before and I don't have that PLC's program. I have PC Adapter USB A2 cable for that and V4.0 STEP 7 MicroWIN SP7 program. I connected the cable, opened the program and tried different settings for connection, most of times the test in diagnostics says that status is OK. But! in communications window when ever I try to refresh the adapter is gives me error: "Class not registered" So I'm not able to upload the program from PLC to my laptop. Can anyone give me support?
  10. Can't modify memory

    Thank you! I am now able to modify the memory the way I want to. Thank you to both of you!
  11. Can't modify memory

    Well, it does not seem to work for me this way. I can not "Transfer to PLC" when i'm not in monitor mode, but I can "transfer from PLC". When I'm in monitor mode it does not let me write anything into any of the memory fields, they are all gray. Also it seems to be a pain in the *** to save the memory. It keeps crashing sometimes.
  12. Can't modify memory

    Hello, I don't have much experience with OMRON PLCs, but here we go. I am using CX-Programmer version 9.1 There is machine in my factory which is running on Omron PLC and HMI. Operator has an option on the HMI to save and load programs. Basically there are 150 lines in memory for each program (example D10000 - D10150), there are 16 different programs. Problem is that operator is saying that some of those programs are corrupted and she can't save new programs there correctly. So I thought I would try to delete some of the lines from the memory to see if that could fix the problem, but I do not know how to do it. When I open memory area in PLC and go to monitor mode and get the data for ex. D10000 - D10150 and I write 0 into every box and then try to upload it to PLC but I can't. I don't understand why is the "Transfer to PLC" button grey. What are the requirements for the button to go active? Or what would be the right action here if I want to clear the specific area in the memory? Any assistance regarding this problem will be much appreciated.