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  1. A customer site has 26 Nicotra Gebhardt EC PFP roof mounted ventilation fans. Control and monitoring is to be via Modbus RTU withing a Siemens PLC. I am sequentially reading data OK from the fans with the MB_MASTER function, mode 0, address 30001, data length 33 (Modbus function 04, read input registers 0 to 32). The write function to the fans is not working with mode 1, address 40067, data length 1 (Modbus function code 06, write holding register 66). Anybody used these fans with Siemens Modbus and have any suggestions? I've tried Nicotra Gebhardt support, but no suggestions so far.
  2. Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express/FTView SE

    Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll take a look.
  3. Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express/FTView SE

    That looks like just what I need.  I think the key is the use of the 'where' clause to allow me to access the individual values that I need.  I'm stuck on board a ship off the coast of Israel at the moment, with little spare time to test this out, but as soon as I get chance I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.  Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express/FTView SE

    Thanks - greatly appreciated.
  5. Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express/FTView SE

    That's correct.  There's just the two tables that I'm interested in - StringTable and FloatTable.  There are eight string entries for each time/date (TagIndex 0 to 5, and 13 to 14), and seven float entries (TagIndex 6 to 12).  I've attached an image showing the column names in these two tables.
  6. Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express/FTView SE

    Thanks for the reply.  The problem I have is that variables that seem to be available for display in my report are FloatTable.val, and StringTable.val, but for each row in the database and report (i.e. each time/date value), there are several float values, and several string values that each relate to different tags in my application.  I'll try and represent what I wish to display below......   | TimeDate1  |  FloatTable.val (where TagIndex = 6) | FloatTable.val (TagIndex = 7) | FloatTable.val (TagIndex = 8) | StringTable.val (TagIndex = 4) | StringTable.val (TagIndex = 4) | | TimeDate2  |  FloatTable.val (where TagIndex = 6) | FloatTable.val (TagIndex = 7) | FloatTable.val (TagIndex = 8) | StringTable.val (TagIndex = 4) | StringTable.val (TagIndex = 4) |   Hope this clarifies a bit.
  7. I have a requirement to produce date-range selectable reports from a panel mounted PC running FactoryTalk View SE V9.0. So far I have FactoryTalk logging a mixture of string data and float values to an SQL Server Express database. My first problem arises when I try to use Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 to display the data in date order in a table. MY SQL knowledge is very limited. I can build a dataset that includes 'FloatTable.Val' and 'StringTable.Val', but don't know how to get all float and all string values for a given date and time onto a single row in a report. I guess my query needs to include the 'TagIndex' field somehow from the database to select particular float and string values. Once I (hopefully) get this working, the next task will be to be able to select a date range for the data to be specified at the HMI, and to trigger report generation from the HMI. I assume report viewing could be achieved by opening a web browser on the HMI and specifying the report server URL?I also don't have any high level language programming skills. I've attached the query I've cobbled together so far in Report Builder, and the resulting output of that query. Any help, advice or code examples would be greatly appreciated.