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  1. Omron NJ501 - IFM IO-Link - Wenglor U1KT001

    Hi Chelton, you are right, I was using the wrong ones: Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Omron NJ501 - IFM IO-Link - Wenglor U1KT001

    Hi Chelton and thanks for replying. I gave it a try with the second one and with a couple of mods I get the output in the picture, it is about half of the real measurement.    
  3. Omron NJ501 - IFM IO-Link - Wenglor U1KT001

    Not sure I understand, the measured distance is 14 Bit, do you mean move them into a bit array? I have tried moving them into a bit array and then using AryByteTo  into a Real number but it doesn`t really work because I can`t choose the array offset. TempByteArray[2] := USINT_TO_BYTE( TxPDO_input_byte_1_6000_02); TempByteArray[3] := USINT_TO_BYTE( TxPDO_input_byte_1_6000_02); TempByteArray[0] := USINT_TO_BYTE( TxPDO_input_byte_1_6000_02); TempByteArray[1] := USINT_TO_BYTE( TxPDO_input_byte_1_6000_02); AryByteTo(In:=TempByteArray2[0], Size:=4, Order:=_HIGH_LOW, OutVal:=Ultrasonic_Measurement);
  4. Omron NJ501 - IFM IO-Link - Wenglor U1KT001

    Hi, I am looking at reading an ultrasonic sensor value through IO-Link, using a Omron NJ501-1320 PLC connected through EtherCat to a IFM AL1332 master with a Wenglor U1KT001 Ultrasonic sensor. I have managed to read the 2 outputs of the sensor using this: Output_1 := TestABit(USINT_TO_BYTE(TxPDO_input_byte_1_6000_02),USINT#0); Output_2 := TestABit(USINT_TO_BYTE(TxPDO_input_byte_1_6000_02),USINT#1); But cannot read the ultrasonic sensor distance value, this is what page 2 in the manual says: Measured Value in 1/10 mm 2…15 14 Bit 300…4500 Octet 1 Subindex 3 (LSB) 2 1 Bit Offset 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 I tried a couple of conversions but couldn`t get the distance reading. Any ideas? Help appreciated.
  5. Wenglor camera on Omron NX1P2 PLC via Ethernet/IP

    Of course, what would you like to see?
  6. Socket UDP Send not working

    How come you use port 60001 and not 6001? Can you try with 6001, I know the range is up to 65535 but you can give it a try.
  7. Hi, We are trying to connect a Wenglor camera to an Omron NX1P2 PLC via Ethernet/IP. We can program the camera to output different variable sizes, and we managed to do it via Profinet: From Siemens:   From Wenglor:   How can we do the same for OMRON? Via Sysmac/Network configurator? The default setting has input size 4 and output size 1, which are from 0010 Slot_1 and 0011 Slot_2. I can see the availability of 0012 Slot_3 up to 0015 Slot_6, how can I make use of them? The EDS file doesn’t seem to describe the part as much as the GSDML.   Network Configurator Thank you, Andrei        
  8. IO LINK Colour sensor

    This is what I am doing now. Vision inspection is a bit too expensive and we don`t have to worry about cycle time now, 1-2s is fine. Thank you for you help, it seems alright now. We are getting result every ~1s so it`s perfect.      
  9. IO LINK Colour sensor

    Thank you for replying so quickly. I`ve mapped the variable like you said and put it in the DevicePort.NxUnit and now we get results back from the sensor! Great stuff! I thought that reading index 202 will give me the RGB values back but I see now that this isn`t the case as that is only a setting. Do you think it is possible to get the independent RGB values back from this sensor? We want to use it for detecting a big colour range within some of our products. Thank you,  Andrei    
  10. IO LINK Colour sensor

    Hi, We have an NJ101-1020 controller with a NX-ECC202 coupler that has a NX-ILM400 IO-Link master unit connected to it. We want to read the acyclic data from a keyence colour sensor(LR-W500C ). Basically we want to get the RGB value of what the sensor sees which is shown by index 202 from it`s IO-Link data sheet. We get the 4801 error from the IOL_ReadObj block so we must be pointing at the wrong address or something. Could you advise into how to find the right address to read acyclic data from? Thank you, Andrei LR-W_IM_655GB_GB_WW_1067-2.pdf