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  1. CJ1M to Movicon Interface from Message

    Thank you for your reply . I think that im going to work with  FINS Ethernet , i want to know what are the steps to follow  in order to configure FINS ethernet in OMRON CJ1M-CP13-ETN.  
  2. Omron CJ1M HMI

    Thank you for your reply . I want to know what are the steps in order to configure the ethernet communication between the OMRON CJ1M CPU 13 and PC in Cx programmer. I have to configure 11 PLCs ( 3 with ethernet units and the others without ethernet units just the RS232 Port ) so what do you think of the best way to make the connexion works.  Im new to the OMRON PLCs.
  3. Omron CJ1M HMI

    Hi, Im starting a project to interface a PLC function system and im still confuse about what protocole to choose to communicate (CJ1M CPU13-ETN) with Movicon interface . The project is to interconnect 11 PLCs ( CJ1M CPU13) with a HMI in order to see the working process of the PLCs .