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  1. Guys any input???
  2. Any tool to simulate Ethernet/IP for omron PLcs? I need to know the complete packate structure for Omron Ethernet/IP over Omron PLCs. I have read that we can use FINS command inside Ethernet/Ip packet . But how to get full pacakte structure.   Please help , it is urgent.
  3. I am interested in use cases rather than the definition of Number. What is the use when we want to read or write to the plc memory  using ethernet/ip ? Hope I am clear .
  4. What is the Use of Number data type for CJ2 Omron PLC? it takes integers as well as float values . we can not map it to D or H memory area.
  5. my previous post was about which addressing NJ/CJ supports. i m asking here that will the symbolic address over ethernet/Ip with NJ/CJ omron plcs support CpU status and CPU type operands?  
  6. Do CPU Types and CPU Status supported by NJ/CJ omron plcs using symbolic adressing not absolute ? please respond it is urgent...
  7. yes i want to communicate over ethernet/ip. but the problem is i need to support many other plcs such as CS1 omron series and it does not support symbolic only support absolute adressing . so i want to give a common adressing that is absoulte for all, otherwise i have to give absolute and symbolic according to plc . what u suggest ?   
  8. i want to just read/ write the memory adress of the plc through a tag. is absolute addressing is sufficient. do i need to use symbolic for this as well? please respond to clear it.
  9. Does NX and NJ series support absolute addressing or symbolic or both? Which addressing is better for this? Thanks, Omi
  10. Does Omron CP1E support Ethernet/IP? i think it only support FINS not ethernet/ip . Can anybody confirm this?
  11. Does CJ2 Omron PLC support absolute or symbolic adress or both? If absolute then we have to give FINS command to communicate over ethernet/ip? Need an urgent help .