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  1. Moving values to memory

    You could do something like this
  2. NSJ-Holding Bit from HMI on after power cycle

    You could use KEEP instruction with H or D registers that will maintain status after power interruption. 
  3. Data Memory Hold Function

    Sorry for the late reply. I reviewed your code and in simulation mode it actually worked for me. But I moved reset rung to 23 after moving D30101 to D5001. PLC starts executing your rungs top to bottom. In your case you are setting 356.02 at rung 14. Moving to D5001 at rung 23 and resetting at rung 12. You are resetting before moving. This all happens in milliseconds and probably that is the reason.   
  4. Data Memory Hold Function

    Could you share a screen shot of your code?
  5. Data Memory Hold Function

    Peter, Could you try something like below? Just and idea
  6. Data Memory Hold Function

    Peter, Looks like you are moving that memory continuously for a moment after resetting that memory. Try rising edge with your condition. 
  7. Problem after setting password to a button

    I had a similar issue before. I did modified the HMI program and didn't change anything with the communication but somehow it was trying to communicate thru Serial Port which was set as Ethernet/IP.  I did go into admin mode after dumping the program and in communication settings assigned the serial ports as not used. 
  8. Can not set a password

    You may disable the extensions tab 
  9. Problem after setting password to a button

    If all buttons are not working you probably change something with the communication settings that is not communicating with PLC.