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  1. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    alright so your hint about the connection number was what I needed. I have a  new issue now though, there is a response monitoring timer value on the bufsnd function.  So I set it as low as possible (1 second) and then just let it time out so I can send again but I wish there was a way where I could tell the program the bufsnd was completed normally without giving it a response.  I don't know what it wants me to send to it and the total program freezes until I give it the response.  it won't continue to bufrcv or anything until it has gotten the response or timed out.  IDK 1 second is probably fine but I don't like that comm light being lit up all the time for c022
  2. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    I set both send and receive on the same port.  I really don't understand this connection number business, I thought it was just an arbitrary number that sent was used as a sort of index so that the ethernet card knew who to send the data too.  eg. set the connection number in the open (K1) and then use it in the bufsnd (K1)
  3. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

  4. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    Here we got a couple images, the first one shows the working open, the second one shows the bufsnd.  the bufsend is failing with the connection error while the open seems to work perfectly.  M521 is a button click on my machine so I can activate it.
  5. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    Thanks for the response, this has been quite an issue. I'll see if I can get some screenshots of the ladder in a little while, the laptop with the sample code on it is out on the floor right now.  I read the error code section, but that didn't really make much sense to me.  I'm not sure how the connection number is set or maintained.  I'll see if I can get you those screenshots, there's really not much going on. It runs through the ZP.OPEN stuff successfully but then when I use the ZP.BUFSND it throws the connection error my code is pretty much just a little mess of the stuff from chapter 5-51 with the close taken out and the bufsnd stuff from 10-10 thrown in.  I know this doesn't really help much more, hopefully i'll have screenshots for you today.
  6. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    Hey guys, been looking around for a solution and I was brought here.  I'm a programmer at a place that just put in a bunch of these Mitsubishi Q series QJ71e71-100 ethernet controllers.  I wrote a TCP server in Java to try and talk to them.  I'm trying to get data sent over from a little GOT1000 test terminal.  The command is working fine and i'm seeing a good syn-ack handshake, and if i push some text to the plc from the program I get a response (even if it is always the same nonsense).  but when i try to use the zp.send it fails, I get error C1A6 on the ladder program and the q series lights up the comm error light.  I know I'm being super vague here, I was just hoping to gain some insight.  I don't much know what to expect from this forum if you guys are active or if my question even has an answer but i've been banging my head against the wall for days now.  I'm just using a tutorial program from the q series manual and a super basic tcp handler in java.  If there's any other information I can provide let me know.