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  1. Did fx3g 485bd supports modbus comn

    Thanks for reply
  2. Did fx3g 485bd supports modbus comn

    Sorry,  for late reply.  But i had tried through rs instruction and it is done.  But there is one problem when i power off and then on the power on plc comn is gone.then i had to keep plc in stop mode and then run mode and then comn starts.  Can anyone help me on this. 
  3. Did fx3g 485bd supports modbus comn

    Did fx 3g485bd supports modbus communication.  And if yes,  by which instruction. I am using adprw. 
  4. NEXGENIE 1000 Communication

    You have to use baudrate fixed to 38400 and cable should be cross cable with 5 and 8 short on both sides
  5. Fx3g plc with fx3ge-CNV-ADP and fx3u-4ad-adp

    I am not getting analog vaues with above hardware configuration.  Can anyone help me that this hardware configuration is ok for getting analog values on fx3u- 4ad-adp.