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  1. Compare not working

    Thank you for the input. I really appreciate it!
  2. Compare not working

    We have this logic (on a CP1E) the desired outcome is as follows: When a bad part is detected, force the operator to index the machine 6 times, using a holding register to prevent a power cycle from resetting the count. once 6 cycles are recorded output that the bad parts are removed AND reset the count to zero.   What has actually happened so far: the count has gone to 6 and not reset. I have used CX Programmer to set the H0 value to zero but the compare still says it's equal (to 6)   I have read everything i can get my hands on regarding holding registers and compare functions and i can't see what is wrong. I have no formal training on this so i'm sure it's something simple. can anyone point me in the right direction?   Thanks guys    
  3. Internal Counter Holding

    Awesome thanks for the guidance, I really appreciate it
  4. Internal Counter Holding

    Looks like the holding register is what i'm looking for, but how do i set it up. do i use the HR to drive the counter (or will the counter reset on power cycle)? or am i writing the count to the HR so it doesn't lose the number when power cycles?
  5. Internal Counter Holding

    We have a machine that loads 6 parts at a time, when we detect a bad part i'd like to require the operator to manually eject eject all 6 parts before continuing the normal operation. What's the most efficient way to write this? Can it be done so that power cycling the PLC won't reset the logic and bypass the count?