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  1. Communicating with old panelview plus

    I am not able to select the newer processors in the communication path of the version 5 PV+ HMIs.  I was hoping to be able to select a sort of generic ethernet path or something similar.  Thanks.
  2. I have some old Panelview plus displays (version5) that are not being used.  I would like to set them up to communicate with some version 30 PLCs for some basic indication (nothing important).  I know the hardware version won't support it communicating in the standard way, but has anybody been able to set up generic communication for something like this.  I hate for the displays to go to waste, but AB will just tell me to buy a new display.  I figure there has to be a way to communicate to the display with MSG statements or something.  This isn't for a specific project, just trying to not watse displays that we have.   Thanks.
  3. Keyence Ladder builder software

    I need to connect to the old PLC with the old software (I have the trial version of Ladder Builder version 1.5) to upload the original program.  I have the new software (trial version of KV Studio) for when I get the existing program out of the old PLC so that I can convert it and download it to the new PLC. I am located in Ohio.  I emailed my Keyence contact yesterday with this issue and they are sending my question to their contacts.  I guess I was just hoping somebody else here ran into this particular problem so that I can get this issue completed.
  4. Trying to change out an old flakey Keyence KV-24R processor with a current KV-24DR.  The Ladder Builder software I need to upload the program form the old PLC has to run on an XP computer.  I was finally able to install a trial version of the software (after waiting a couple weeks for for access to an XP computer from the company IT department). The software ran the first time, but I had to restart my computer.  After restarting my computer, when I try to run the Ladder Builder software, I get "Illegal initialization data" and the software shuts down.  I have reinstalled the software a few times already.  I have left a message for Keyence, but they don't support their own products in America (they are sending my question to Japan.  Anybody have any ideas?   Sean