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  1. And which is your solution, little doggy?... I don't see it anywhere. omg
  2. Alternative to SET/RSET

    What's the best method for replaced set-reset programing? When I programer pump system I use set-reset, but I always wondering what's the best method?  Sometimes I used 'jmp' and 'goto' but sometimes I had the 'watchdog' warning, they already know, the scan cycle. 
  3. Program help

    Hmm.. I know about your system, i think is a booster system.  I work everyday with that, sometimes up to six pumps. I suggest you learn about secuential system, 'Mealy diagram' and 'Moore diagram', is like a status logic. For example, the last status clean the previous state. Check the file.  How did you developing your system? Like  me? Regards! MAPA.pdf
  4. That CPU is with ethernet port, right?  What's your protocol? Modbus TCP or RTU?  I think that you need other device for the comm between plc. 
  5. I suggest that you could check some examples in the app guide of Schneider M221, bro...
  6. Hello. When you give power up to VFD, you need +24V in any DI. For example, you could make a bridge in DI1 and +24V everytime.