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  1. Hello everyone! I have problem with understanding the usage/principle of operation of parameter "Mark detection number".  In manual i read: "The number of mark detections is stored. "0" clear is executed at power supply ON. Continuous detection mode: 0 to 65535 (Ring counter) Specified number of detection mode: 0 to 32 Ring buffer mode: 0 to (number of buffers - 1) Refresh cycle: At mark detection" My question is which mark detections are stored? Servo detects some kind of marks? I am novice in servo programming, please explain in the easiest way. Thanks for help.
  2. Hello everyone! Is there possibility to read words e.g. Name of alarm from the csv file or another file and save it in the PLC memory for further processing? It would be the best if the solution will matches to FX5 and IQ-R/F but it can be also for any of them. Thanks for help :)
  3. Hello everyone! I don't know how to program some thing. I will tell you an example. I have a rotary table, which is rotating from 0 to 2048 impulses (high speed counter counts impulses). I need in some situations latch the position (rewrite actual position to the register) and count number of rotation from this latched position.  It must be a real type number with one decimal place (e.g. 1,5 rotation, 2,8 rotation). With an integer i don't have any problem but i don't know how to bite this with a decimal number. Mitsubishi FX5, GXWorks 3 Thanks for help! :)