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  1. Thanks, VDS and Gerry. I have managed to do that. I am a newbie in PLC development. Cheers.
  2. Hi,  I am writing some routines to decode the data from my Input: data array to User-defined Array Parameters. Is that possible to have a generic routine to decode data coming from more than one module? I have two Module ENode and ENode_1. I have defined User-Defined parameters for the module. Can I make a generic routine to decode the data coming from these two modules and put them in the defined arrays?  the two arrays ENodeData[0] and ENodeData[1] have the Generic User-Defined parameters.
  3. RS Logix Designer Tags

    LOLxxxx,,,, Thanks for your towel..!!! Actually, I am new to PLC after the senior employee left the work. I am just getting there, to be honest......
  4. RS Logix Designer Tags

    I have managed to do what I supposed to. The number of bytes were 251 and make them INT I changed them 252 bytes. Thanks for your support. 
  5. RS Logix Designer Tags

    Please find the attached image for Ethernet Interface. the tags are in module defined tags.
  6. RS Logix Designer Tags

  7. RS Logix Designer Tags

    Please find attached the image. As you can see in my EDS file I have defined 3 Assemblies and you can see two of them in this attached image. The parameters section I have added in the EDS file is to make the ENode_1:I:Data to make INT and read those tags from the EDS file. I can import the Parameters tags in the ENode_1: C but why not in Input data tags.
  8. RS Logix Designer Tags

    This is the EDS file I have created so far. the thing I want to achieve is for example, on my device I have 2 bytes Datatype. Let's assume I have a temperature field on two bytes 0X000A, but in the Logix Designer in the Controller tags, this value comes like SINT, 00 in one index and 0A in another index. I want my Input tags in INT format so a user can see 0x000A as a whole without decoding the data.
  9. RS Logix Designer Tags

    The data values I have are based on INT (2 Bytes) and the input tags are SINT (1 Byte). I just want the customer to install the EDS file and find the data rather than decoding it.   Please find attached my EDS file in which I have defined parameters but unfortunately unable to import those parameters in RS Logix. Designer 0564002B00010400.eds
  10. Hi, Is that possible to define INT data type in EDS file so the Tags for the module in RS Logix Designer would receive INT data type in Input Tags not SINT? As marked in the image, the Logix Designer is receiving data as SINT but I want to have INT data type. Thanks Muhammad Azeem
  11. Hi, I am working on a project in Digi Module ConnectME9210 and sending data to Allen Bradley PLC (CompactLogix 5370 family). I am not sure which endian I should use to send data. Does Allen Bradley receive Data in Big Endian or Little Endian? I have another question as well. Can I make an EDS file to tell the PLC to receive data in UINT16, not as a single byte? Muhammad Azeem