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  1. Data logging using HMI

    HI, Directly you can not do it, you have to use PC Software to Get Data of HMI.  
  2. HMI Selection

    HI I can Provide you HMI for your need you  have to give details of your printer, how much data storage you require, data storage on time base?? then how much time  
  3. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Now a day so many HMI have such facilities  
  4. Hi 1) i have developed Mobile app (I-phone)  and software (special purpose) for PLC /Microcontroller Register read/write. 2) i think any brand PLC you can use 3) what's your requirement is important just use converters. 4) Depend on Cost you can use both 5)Access can be programed, PLC not discoverable????