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  1. Checked the module and nothing out of the ordinary. Everything has been running since then as well. Thank you for all the help!
  2. The model number is 1769-IF4XOF2. I apologize I am still learning a lot. Most of it is as stuff happens.
  3. I couldnt find a model number, but I took a picture of the 4th module.
  4. Give me a moment to go grab it, but that is just the type of module your needing?
  5. I am still new to lot of this what does it mean that the Fault Classification is Non-Recoverable. Also the I/O Module Status(IOS) file I am not sure what that is either.
  6. I do not see the code in the pdf linked xx49 Edit: Ohhhhh I see it I think. XX79 and XX is equal to 04 with is the 4th module.
  7. Good evening, Just had a fault that caused the PLC to not run through the program. The fault was 0479H and I can't find anything on it. I cleared it via my computer and it is working fine currently with no issues. I've looked online and in the reference books with nothing I can find on this error. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.