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  1. That's True Mark, should be referring to documents first, but practicing patience is a very very difficult task Thanks a lot!! Regards, Tapas
  2. Yes Mark, I got a copy of CIP spec Volume 1 and Volume 3
  3. Thanks a lot again, you are awesome Regards Tapas
  4. Ok, got you I can see that the serial number is same for both requests, so we have to use different serial numbers to have a separate connection to different slots Will try and implement that and see Thanks a lot again,will let you know the results   Regards, Tapas  
  5. Yes Mark, The Controller slot is a part of the request path when a CIP connection is getting established. Have attached a log,  The issue is, when there is a Large Forward Open connection established with a Controller (Slot), and the server tries to establish another Large Forward Open with another Controller (Slot) it gets a connection failure   That is the reason for trying to use different ports, but we are getting connection failure when trying to use port number 49152-65535   Regards, Tapas  
  6. Hi Mark, Thanks a lot for your help earlier,  Now we are trying to establish two separate TCP connections, this is because we have two CPU's on the same Rack and an EN2T card Is it possible to use port numbers other than 44818 to access data? Tried port number 49152-65535 range to test but it failed, giving a connection failure. Regards, Tapas
  7. Hello Mark, The fix that you pointed worked well and now we are able to work with the Large forward open request Thanks a lot for your help   Regards, Tapas
  8. Got that Mark, Thanks a lot, will fix and try it Will let you know the results Regards, Tapas
  9. In attached logs, there are two requests one for 11 reals and one for 15 reals  The response for both is only with 11 reals Initially thought it was because of the data size limit, but that is not the case
  10. I have attached the Wireshark log I got, don't know how the driver is configured but trying to figure out where the issue is.   Don't know how to do it, but will try and get these logs if I can   Thanks a lot for your help CIPTest_0405_02.zip
  11. Thanks Mark, I have attached a screen capture of the Connection Manager trying to establish a connection of 2500 bytes. However, further investigations suggest the cap is not on the size as the comms again fell over for a request of 12 attributes which was around 210 bytes. I guess there is a limitation on the number of Multiple service packet requests? Don't seem to find where the problem is.   Regards, Tapas  
  12. Hello Guys, I am very new to CIP messaging and in our project, we are trying to Controllogix to SCADA server using CIP messaging: What I understand from the process right now is : 1. SCADA Opens a connection for Large forward Open ( Connection size set at 2500 bytes) 2. PLC responds and establishes a connection 3. SCADA send an MSP request to access tags from PLC 4. PLC responds to this request The problem we are facing is the PLC doesn't send out a response of more than 240 bytes, Have any of you guys have faced a similar issue or can help me with troubleshooting?   Thanks in advance Attached screen captures from wire 
  13. Floating point number math instruction NT20S and CPM1A

    Thank you Michael, have implemented it and worked fine Thanks Tapas
  14. Hi, I am new to Omron and trying to display a floating point number on NT20S display, have got an encoder which sends pulse on a HSC ( High Speed Counter) and I need to multiply that count by a factor (0.0253) and this display should be continuous, using a CPM1A controller What is the best way to implement this?  Thanks for help!!