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  1. USS Siemens

      Good morning, I would like to know how do I find out which inverter is terminating the uss network between the s7 200 and the 20 micromaster 420, voltage level at the ports between the terminals 14.15 and the 2-OV is 1.9V, the impedances between terminals 14-15 is at 212k with the inverters turned off, network terminator 120 ohm on the inverter, 200 ohm on port 0 of the CLP.
  2. faceplate

    Hello, I would like to know if somebody has some programming architecture to use faceplate with data block in the portal aunt, because I use fc for my drives reporting to their db. I would like to create the faceplate attached to each db, just changing the db number. ktp700
  3. Open Library DMC

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone uses the Open Library DMC siemens to elaborate their projects, and if possible an application using.
  4. Communication

    good evening. Someone can give tips on how to configure and physical the application with the following items: Advanced Interface Converters (AIC +), PanelView800 2711R-T7T A and MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Controllers My doubts are about the configuration of the communication, and I have doubts about the physical environment and protocol to be used.  
  5. Installing fx-usb-aw drives on windows 10

    Good Morning. Thank you.  
  6.   Good Morning. I'm having trouble installing fx-usb-aw drives on windows 10, someone has this drive, because on the cd it's only for windows 8 and below, I point to the EZSocket and Easysocket folder and it does not install the drive, which can to be ?
  7. Network Configuration for the application,

    Are the specific functions IVCR, IVDR, IVRD, IVWR, IVBWR, IVMC? And the network cabling, will be through 485 with 2 wires or 4? How do I interconnect with the 3 inverter I need adptation?
  8. Good Morning. I'm budgeting an application with the following FR-F720, FR-D720, GS2107 wtbd, FX5U-32MT / ESS equipment, I would like to know what network configuration for the application, I need accessory boards for the inverters, what physical arrangement it would be better for this application, which network would be used in the application, besides which function do I need to read and write in the inverters? Can I do CC link? If possible indicate materials that I can use to configure this application.
  9. Operation error

    I am developing an application with fx5u with inverter d700, it fails to send a command to the inverter, only running the application and monitoring the clp does not appear to fail, only when it sends a command. Attached photo of plc configuration and error. Do you have any secrets to doing communication, can I do it with a normal network cable? I'm doing with just one inverter, as the terminator should be at 110 or 330 ohm.    
  10. modbus application

    Thank you.    
  11. methodology to structure the plc

    I am a beginner in the programming area, I am looking for a methodology to structure the plc programs in the general way, I would like to know if you have any material to recommend, or your organization techniques.
  12. modbus application

      I am making an application with a fx5u with 4 d700 inverter, what is the way to communicate with them and the configuration in gxworks3, someone has an example in ladder.
  13. What can be this failure

      What can be this failure ?  I download gx works 3 and leave it in run, then simulate ihm the fault appears, I've reinstalled the gt designer.