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  1. Doh! Of course, thanks... not sure how I missed that one...  😕
  2. This one has me stumped...   in Sysmac Studio, with an NJ501-1300, I have defined the following variables: msgStr: STRING[256] msgByte: ARRAY[0..99] of BYTE (Don't worry about the different array lengths, that isn't germane to this question) I'm attempting to use the contents of the string (msgStr) as a string of bytes that are input to sktTCPSend, as you can see in the rung screenshot.  This is to convert from a STRING[] type to a BYTE[] type, which is one of the things the docs say the StringToAry command can do.  Problem is, I'm getting the errors shown in the build output screenshot at build time, suggesting this conversion can't be accomplished.  I've spent the better part of today poring through Omron docs, and I'm not finding anything about this. Any ideas? Thanks!  --Al