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  1. I'm having trouble in finding a complete manual instruction and set-up on setting up a communication on a Q-series PLC to a inverter a700/a800 via RS-485. I have a manual for fx series, are the parameters the same as the fx series? how about the program, like  starting or stopping the motor? Are they same or not? In the Q-series, do i leave switch-5 "station no. setting" blank? i just started this so i hope that i can make this work after new year. This is the manual for the fx-series plc====> http://www.automationsystemsandcontrols.net.au/PDF%27s%20Mitsubishi/Manuals/FPLC/FX%20SERIES%20USER%27S%20MANUAL%20-%20Data%20Communication%20Edition.pdf   PS: I'm mostly self study because i don't have proper training yet and my school sucks.