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  1. connecting 2 plcs

    thanks for the info. The PLCs are 150 meter from eachother
  2. connecting 2 plcs

    thanks for the info. just 1 more question. Does a serial line work over a network switch or does it need to be connected with eachother with 1 ethernet cable
  3. hey, I'm making a program to controlle mutliple machines. But the problem is that i'm working on 2 plcs to controll it all, but there are some %MW that i need in both PLCs. Is there a way to connect the PLCs so they share these %MWs to both PLCs know what value is in it?
  4. and if i need to install a secondary drive. How do i do that? Can i just plug in an usb stick?
  5. Is it possible to make it work without secondary drive?  i have 42 MB of data free at my main at the moment. I already found this: Do not turn off the target machine.If the download process is paused, cancel download.Insert into the target machine a valid Secondary Drive with enough capacity to hold the entire project and associated data files.Start the download.If the error message displays again, you do not have enough capacity on the Secondary Drive to hold both the user application and data files.In the Data Files, Recipes, and Target nodes, set the DownloadTo property to Main Drive and download again.   i already found where i can change it at the data files and the recipes but i don't find where i can change it at the target nodes.
  6. hey, I'm making a program with vijeo designer with a HMIGTO5310 and with somachine basic and a TM221C16R. At the moment i don't have my TM221C16R yet but i'm able to run the program in simulation on my pc and connecting the hmi to it. I'm able to control everything on my hmi but the moment i'm trying to activate the webgate, vijeo refuses to download the program to my HMI end gives the error " error 1850: [target] [target1] secondary drive full or not found. check the data file location setting.". Is this because it isn't connected to a real PLc but a simulation of it or is it because something else?
  7. Is there a way to choose with %MW you use depending on the value of %SW49? For example, i have 7 %MW: -%MW4 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=1 -%MW8 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=2 -%MW12 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=3 -%MW16 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=4 -%MW20 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=5 -%MW24 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=6 -%MW28 that needs to be active when %SW49 :=7 so is there a way to say %MW0 := %MW(4*%SW49) on a operation block?
  8. Hi, I'm working in so machine basic v1.5 and I'm wondering if it is possible to change the start time and stop time in a schedule block with a %MW. So is there a possibility to for example say %CH0.??? := %MW5 in an operation block? And is there a page where u can see al the possible codes. I already discovered that %TM0.P changes its preset but i don't find a list of al those possibility's.
  9. premium box

    ach oke thanks  
  10. yes, but I find that pretty annoying because when you want to make changes to the panel you have to move al those text displays to the side. And the same message has to appear on every panel and i have 19 panels. So if i could do it with a popup window I just have to make 1
  11. i'm working with vijeo designer and i have a problem with popup windows. I'm trying to make a popup window appear with a variable. A bool to be exact. I want that a popup window appears when the bool becomes 1. But so far i haven't found a way to do that. Can someone help how I could do that? It's the meaning that that bool becomes 1 when there is an error and that the popup window appears then to let the user know there is an error. Or does annyone have a better idea?
  12. I need a HMI for a project i'm working on. And someone recommended a SEAHMIDT542 HMI with a SEAHMIG3U magelis premium box and vijeo designer V6.2. But I don't know for what that premium box is and i can't contact that person atm. Can someone explain the use of it?
  13. converting word

    thanks for the info
  14. converting word

    i'm working in somachine basic with a TM221CE16R