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  1. Hi! I'm trying to download program to an e1001 but get errormessage "Unable to connect to Panel". After erasing the applikationprogram in the panel everything works fine. I can connect and download the program. Anyone knows why I couldn't connect or if I could have done differently? Is there some kind of program lock?   BR Asp
  2. Hi again! No, I have not. But it all works after reset and first download so..... I don't have possibility to test it now because the process is running. Couldn't it be something in the panel that locks me out? Anyway, I got it working so I think we have to leave this thread unsolved. Thanks for your time and effort!! Have a nice week! BR Anders
  3. Hi!   After first download it is possible to change the program and download again. No problem. Settings:
  4. Hi! I'm connecting via Ethernet and after an application reset everything works so all my settings should be correct or? Can the panel lock if you are using another PC or maybe not the exact same version of E-Designer? BR Asp