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  1. CJ1M with NS5 communication

    Thank you guys! @gtsuport, I found out these days that after changing the configuration of any port, Com or Peripheral, I have to turn off the cpu. I will try to do it these days. @IO_Rack, I tried to upload the program to the PC using that cable but I wasn't able to go online. I used Direct Online option and I got a communication error. With other 2 CJ1M I was able to go online using the same cable and the same method, which make me think that the Com port has died.  I will keep you informed!
  2. Hy guys,  My first topic here. Thank you all for so much free info.  I am having a NS5 connected to the serial port of a CJ1M. It worked fine until yesterday when I found the HMI with the "Time-out error occurs while downloading the data. Allocation host: CJ1" message. The first thing I've done si to check the cable. It seems to be ok. Then, I tried to connect the PC through the same port and doesn't work. I tried with others CJ1M and it worked. It is impossible to be a configuration issue, because nobody changed it. Cand only the port die in a PLC?  I think th HMI is fine since I am able to download the project without problem. I will make some other tests to see if I get to communicate bothe devices but I need some help in order to take a path or another. Thank you!
  3. CJ1M with NS5 communication

    Thank yoyu Configuration issue can't be, because early in the morning it worked fine, and then stopped communicating without any configuration changes. All DIP switches are off. Another 2 CJ1M with all DIP switches Off are working fine.  I have just checked the HMI and works Ok with a CJ2M. I will check the cable once again. Is there any posibility to link the HMI with the peripheral port? I have the CS1W CN118 adapter which I could use with the serial cable.  Thank you!