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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for the advice. I've searched through the sample code library, the examples seem more helpful for intermediate users that are comfortable with ladder logic. I'm searching for a how to crawl guide before I can follow the how to walk one...   I'm using functional block diagrams for my program and I have been unsuccessful at finding for a simple "hello world"-style walkthrough example for the micro800 series. I just need to understand basics of the connected components workbench quirks such as how to write to outputs or relays (digital/analog), how to detect inputs...and of course writing data to the Tx port of the controller. I haven't been able to find much on the sample code library helpful in order to understand how to do this...   If anyone has any other resources that are more beginner-friendly I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Hello,  I am working on a project to connect a PLC (Micro820 by Allen Bradley) to a simple RS-232 alphanumeric OLED display. I am not too familiar with structured text language, but I have worked with micro-controllers that use similar high-level languages (mostly C-based).  My question is: is it possible to use connected components workbench to program my Micro820 to output ASCII commands to an off-the-shelf RS-232 alphanumeric display? Are there libraries that make life easier to do this?  I welcome any recommendations to related reference material or command tutorials, thanks!