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  1. Thank , Kreykov These parameter still doesn't work  ,   I used RS232 program to monitor what HMI sending out (every 2-3 seconds) , Result in pic, I hope it help. Also I already connected 232-BD with other HMI brand , they can be connected . to make sure that 232BD still work And I changed GT HMI to another one (In case COM port has malfunction) but still can't be connected .   Any Idea? Best Regards, Matcha  
  2. Hi , Kraykov          I alreay try this config and dedicate protocal either Form1 and Form4 , still no luck . Any other suggestion ?   Thank you, Matcha
  3. Hello, Everyone . Do anyone has experience in FX1N-232-BD connect to GT11 (or other model) from Panasonic ? I try to connect them via RS232 port and I setup parameter following HMI manual but It doesn't work at all only RX led on 232-BD blinking Any suggestion ?    Matcha IMG_39346964.MOV