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  1. FX2N -2LC

    Which Adapter I have to use??
  2. FX2N -2LC

    Hi Eduard,  Can you please help me regarding the connection and programming of fx2n-2lc module with FX3 PLC.
  3. Starting Problem with FX2N-2LC

    Yes I Have and I guess I have to contact them. Well thanks for helping me.
  4. Starting Problem with FX2N-2LC

    Thanks for replying JRoss  I am using FX3G and dont have any other SFM. Yes I am using I/O expansion module. All the reading and writing is working properly except the output or control value, It is not actuating in both auto and manual modes and after starting control value goes to 1000 but there is not any changes in output of the module.  
  5. Starting Problem with FX2N-2LC

    Dear Experts, I have been trying to activate FX2N-2LC temperature control block but nothing could help. I have tried the ladder logic which is available in Mitsubishi manual but this is not any output from the module. Please help me or guide me to get rid over this problem, I am attaching the ladder diagram so you guys will get the Idea to where I am going wrong.   FX2N-2L Program.pdf