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  1. Hi, I appreciate any advice how to deal with this problem "not support for current model type or firmware version". This message pop up in ISPSoft when want to download program from PLC to PC. WPLSoft doesn't work too, message here : "unknown device"   COMMGR - recognize COM port, autotunning OK   model DVP-12SA211T   btw. uploading doesn't work aswell
  2. CQM1 and memory 80F1 error

    I found out what was wrong, there was no memory card, and deep switch was set to use one, after disable this option and also another deep switch for protection CQM is working ;)
  3. Hi, first as I am new on this forum would like to say hello to all of you ;) I appreciate some help what might help to make my PLC CQM1 work, it display ERR/ALM light and power, no other LEDs are not visible, I've got in CXProgrammer memory error (from error list) 80F1, does any one know how to fix it, I read few manuals and troubleshooting pdf and couldn't figure out how to fix it. Someone has any idea?