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  1. RsLogix500 v11

    Thank you for sharing. However I don’t have software serial number to download from official AB website. I need Rslogix 500 v11
  2. Could someone share the link to download Rslogix500 v11. Thanks you very much
  3. Upload S7-1200 Siemen PLC with TIA Portal v14

    Thanks for your reach reply. I checked quick compare online/offline project and found: The project languages are different: Editting language: en-US Downloaded logic to PLC: zh-CN.  So how can I change editing language to zh-CN. Need reinstalled software and select China language?
  4. Hi everyone. Please help me to upload program from S7-1200 with TIA v14. I created new project, go to Online tab, select Upload devices as new station(hardware and software). After Upload finish (errors:0; warnings:0). Select Go online but I got warning Online and Offline project different. Please help to solve this issue. Thanks
  5. Thanks BobLfoot, We have 2 controlnets.  The first net is PLC1-Cnet(Node3)  -  Cnet(Node 50)-PLC2: This communication worked properly even PLC1 and PLC2 incompatable version and do not need to schedule PLC2 in PLC1 network. The second net is PLC1-Cnet(Node4)-Cnet (Node14)-Cnet(Node16) -  Cnet(Node45)-PLC3: This communication have problem as I mention above. Actually when I remove Cnet(Node45) to disconnect with PLC3, I found the controlnet led A,B sometime blinking (It mean communication drop this time). When I remove Cnet(Node16,NOde45),  PLC1-Cnet(node4)-Cnet(node14) led A,B not blinking. So I guess we have problem from Node14 to Node 16.  From Node 14 to Node 16 is 2km and We use repeater 1786 RPFM and fiber optic is Multimode. Normally, multimode fiber just design for short distance.  Have you think multimode fiber is problem? Thank you very much
  6. Thanks Bob. Because our system have builded from others suppliers and they use different software version. As you talk we need upgrade Studio, RSNetwors for all to same version? It really inconvenient. I don’t understand what they mean: unschedule message and producer/ consumer schedule.
  7. Hi Bob. It show all others CPU, and cnet identity mismatch in RSnetworx but Module indicate OK . Because other PLC and cnet use different version. PLC1, Cnet1-  Cnet2, PLC2. I guess problem is PLC1 and PLC2 Both PLC configure Cnet2 and PLC in different version. So I think Cnet2 should be not scheduled both side, then can send message to transfer signal.  Thank you for your reply
  8. Thanks Bob. Yes, I found others controller and local controlnet module from other users identity mismatch. Before I used producer/ consumer tag to transfer, But controller mismatch. Thats why I use unschedule message. So I hope this fault not affect to this issue I am worried to reschedule network now. 
  9. Thanks BobLfoot. I tried to use read messages in all controller, but it is same issue. It look like communication drop each 20-25s and reconnect. I don’t have experience with control net. So I don’t know, maybe something wrong in this network configuration. 
  10. Thank you for your reply. However our controller L71,L72, L73 are in different version. When I tried to use producer/ consumer tag, I get an error “ controller not match”. Thats why I created  message to read/ write. I created message write/ read from L73 to L71 and from L72 to L73, I still got same issue, is sometime delay 20-30s to receive signal. I will try to use only read messages in all controllers and see what happen.
  11. Hello. I have main PLC L73 with redundancy module, and 4 others controller as L71, L72 (S/R A,B, CSU A/B). They connected through control net network as my attached document. I created message to read and write DINT, Real in main PLC L73 to others controller. I can read and write signal but sometime I have delay 20s to receive signal. Has anybody know my issue? How can I fix it? Thanks you Coal handling configuration.pdf
  12. Hi everybody.  I want to connect my laptop to module MVI56 MNETR and upload setting then change some information. Module IP: I use Ethernet cable connect to Ethernet port of module and can ping this address. I open PCB and create new project then try to upload but not success. How can I upload program from module by Ethernet cable. Please help me. Thanks
  13. Hi everybody. Please help me. I am opening my project with wonderware maker and viewer . But my PC suddenly shutdown. I restart computer then open window maker but this action not allow so I import backup then open window viewer. Some tagname is not work, some tag work. Before shutdown, this application work nice. How can i fix it? Thanks
  14. Ok, thank you. I knew what is problem
  15. I install Wonderware system platform 2014 R2 SP1 and Intouch 2014 R2 SP1