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  1. FX2N & Inverter iG5A on RS485

    Well,  i don't need the whole program between CX2N and iG5A. Can you make me just an example with one parameter, like  RUN Forward? I dont understand how to make this two devices work together. So, mr. Kaare-t can you help me? Here is the manual of CX2N: just 30 pages :)
  2. FX2N & Inverter iG5A on RS485

    No i don't have a FX2N-485_BD, my PLC is a copy of Mitsubishi, it's a CX2N series buy form China and it have an RS485 build in. Basicly is the same processor but more cheaper and i programmed with GX Work's 2 You can see the CX2N version in the link below:
  3. FX2N & Inverter iG5A on RS485

    Modbus RTU
  4. FX2N & Inverter iG5A on RS485

    Hello everyone, I'm a beginner in RS485 communications and i want to control 2 inverter LS iG5A via RS485 from a PLC Mitsubishi FX2N I really don't understand how i should aproach and start this part of program in Ladder Diagram, to write and read parameters from Inverters.  Please help me with an example    Thanks.