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  1. Mitsubishi communication cable for GOT & Q series?

    Hi guys, The communication cable between GOT & PLC is GT01-C30R2-6P. This cable has one side as 9 pin female & another side as 6 pin Mini Din Male. Can this cable be selfmade using PS2 (mouse/keyboard) as the 6 pin Mini Din Male? They look the same physically. I'm not sure if there is anything special inside this cable.
  2. Mitsubishi communication cable for GOT & Q series?

    Ross, Thanks a lot, i'll get the cable from mitsubishi.
  3. Hi guys, Currently I've a project using GOT 1155 & Q series CPU (Q00JCPU). I need the GOT transparent feature, where the PC can access the Q series CPU thru the GOT 1155 usb port. I'd like to confirm the cables that I required to purchase. Communication cable between GOT 1155 & Q series CPU: GT01-C30R2-6P Cable between PC & GOT 1155 (for transparent function): ? My PC has USB or RS232. Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks.
  4. Mitsubishi Q2a vs Q2as

    Hi guys, May I know what is the difference between Q2A & Q2AS, I try to find the Q2AS user manual from the web, but no luck, is this CPU obsolete? One of the CPU in our client site having error 220 - parameter missing - system can't run. So i'm trying to google for more info. Thanks guys.
  5. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    PMCR, We are currently configuring communication of RS422 using design 1 as per attachment earlier, but failed to get the communication. On the CP1L we are following the user manual settings as per attached. Do you have any words for me, or anything specific I should be aware of? Thanks. Configuration.pdf
  6. Programming cable for idec HG3 touch panel

    Can I have the programming cable pinouts? Thank you.
  7. Guys, I'm checking on some of the analog input at the SLC 5/04, I couldn't understand some input (min & max) & scaled input (min & max) settings. 1) For example, I tried to inject 4-20 mA into one of the analog channels (completely remove all the 2 cables at the channel), I managed to get the below reading at RSLogix 500: Inject (mA) Value 4 3271 8 6545 12 9818 16 13094 20 16368 But at the SCP instruction Input = I:6.3 (3150) Input Min. = N7:56 (3175) Input Max. = N7:57 (9007) Scaled Min. = N7:66 (0) Scaled Max = N7:67 (5000) Output = N7:174 (-21) a) I taught the Input Min shall follow the inject value of 4 mA, which is 3271? b) The Input Max. value shall follow the inject value of 20 mA, which is 16368? The field device is a 4 - 20 mA pressure transducer. 2) while for another analog input module; Inject (mA) Value 4 3274 8 6551 12 9827 16 13106 20 16383 But at the SCP instruction Input = I:7.1 (0) Input Min. = N7:58 (1507) Input Max. = N7:59 (0) Scaled Min. = N7:68 (0) Scaled Max = N7:69 (5500) Output = N7:160 (5500) c) The Input Min. is larger than Input Max.? The field device is a pressure transducer using 4 - 20 mA. Both analog input module is 1746-NI4.
  8. Pinouts for CS1W-CN118

    Guys, Does anyone can show me the pinouts for Omron peripheral to RS232 converter (CS1W-CN118) pinouts? I'm connecting this to my MyTek HMI. The HMI pinouts as below; 2 = Receive 3 = Transmit 5 = Ground 7 = RTS (short with 8) 8 = CTS (short with 7) I tried to download the plc wiring & cable pdf from this forum, but it did not mention on the pinout for this CS1W-CN118. Thanks a lot.
  9. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    PMCR, The HMI only needs to communicate with the CJ CPU, the CJ CPU will read/write a few digital data to/from each of the CP1L CPU. There is not direct communication between the HMI and the CP1L CPU. If that's the case, design 1 & 2 can be use?? Thanks a lot.
  10. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    Hi PMCR, I've attached the new design, based on your experience, design 1, 2 or 3 is a better networking?
  11. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    PMCR, after spoken to some other programmers, they told me that changing the two units of CPM1A to a CP1L CPU will solve the problem, because CP1L & CJ are in the same protocol. The HMI still maintain at the CJ1 CPU (RS422), am I correct?? Hope to hear from you soon.
  12. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    Hi PMCR, Attached is my existing setup. Based on your idea, the network cable from CJ to CPM1A, highlighted in red shall be connected to where? Same as the drawing (existing network)?
  13. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    PMCR: The above configuration is not workable, I've check with Omron distributor here, they said CPM1A & CJ1W using different RS422 protocol, thus it cannot be work.
  14. RS422 communication between 3 Omron PLC, possible?

    Thanks for your info, referring to my setup (using rs422), I have to do some programming at all the CPM1A & CJ1M series PLC, am I right? While for your proposed idea, I do not understand how the CJ1M connect to the CPM1A. I taught RS232 mode can only talk one to one? How can one CJ1M talk to 2 CPM1A in rs232 mode. Please explain more, i'm new to Omron. Thanks a lot..
  15. Hi guys, I've 2 units of CPM1A-40I + CPM1-CIF11 & 1 CJ1M-CPU13 + CJ1W-CIF11. Can I run RS422 network to link all these 3 CPU together for data sharing? The CJ1M need to read & write 3 data each to & from each of the CPM1A CPU. Is RS422 workable/suitable for this application? All the CPUs already has RS422 comm card installed. Please feedback. Thanks.