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  1. Micrologix 1200 Fault

    hi , i am using micrologix 1200, tell me any body, When I download the program, the program is download but does not run mode, plc go to fault mode and red indicator dose blink,  
  2. Micrologix 1200 clear memory

    Mickey i need your help for other purpose. i am using micrologix 1200, i have also Memory module chip MMI. how to download lader logix program to memory module via using  micrologix 1200 , upload and erase memory ? plz     thanks mr Mickey 
  3. Micrologix 1200 clear memory

    Thanks too much Mr Mickey, i shall try dear  
  4. Micrologix 1200 clear memory

    Hi. I have AB Micrologix 1200, Did anyone know how to clear the controller memory ? plc have already password protect program. i don't know password and processor name. i want to download the new program in the plc