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  1. PLC won't connect with PC

    Dear Ron thanks for your advice, I think the port damage. But this PLC have only one main board and small one for switch and battery. But maybe their any protection on board I will send it to electronic lab.
  2. PLC won't connect with PC

    Dear gambit thanks for your help,  I want ask if this ground loop can damage the port.
  3. PLC won't connect with PC

    Dear Luke thanks for reply, the PLC is A1SH and connect with PC with SC09 cable.
  4. PLC won't connect with PC

    Dear sir, My problem is I connected with PLC with cable and uploaded the program and it's working nice, but when I removed my cable and connected the monitor panel it have communication error, I connect my PC again it won't see the PLC, the PLC functions I/O is work but I can't connect with PC or monitor panel.  So if their any reset for communication port or the port is damage?