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  1. AB PanelView 600 Serial communication with ML1500 in FTView ME

    Thank you for suggestions, I will apply it and see whats happen
  2. Hi All. I have AB PLC Micrologix 1500 and HMI PV600. In factoryTalkView ME I have installed RSLinx Enterprise and I have setup communication setting I have created one shortcut like PLC1 linked it to PLC ML1500 which I can see in right side of setting pan. I copied these settings to Runtime target. Now while giving animation in screen e.g. colour, I am trying to browse tag but it's not showing anything in online folder. I clicked show all server, refreshed all folders and restarted RSLinks Enterprise service also but still can not find tags. I ran runtime on PC using OPC created in RSLinx Classic, Its working fine, I can browse tags. But it's not working while I download it in HMI as I can see in HMI configuration network and comm setting there is only RSLinx Enterprise is available. Please suggest me solution on this issue.