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  1. Hi, Thank you for your reply, In last post you have mentioned that  "standard analog cards for -10..+10V range" Can you suggest me that cards,  I am unable to find PLC with this ranke except Siemens.  One more thing, i need negative voltage doubler IC. Timer555IC works only on positive volt.  Is there any SSR in which i provide 0 to -10v as control part and it provides proportional output between 0 to -20v? Thank You, Dipen
  2. Hi you mean i shold connect positive analog output of plc to my negative terminal of the circuit ? in that case polarity got reverse or i will get actual negative potencial?    
  3. Hi I am searching for plc having negative analog input and output. i.e. 0 to -10v analog i/p and Analog o/p.  Can any one help me in finding plc which has this feature .  Thank You