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  1. Yes I just seen that I need at least a CP1L-L14 with the additional inputs to do what I need. I figure I will use the L20 allowing me extra I/O if I miss something. I understand that I will need to use the Link area CIO 3000 to CIO 3015 to communicate between the 2. This will be my first time linking 2 plcs together and programming is a little fuzzy at this time. As I understand it the 1:1 Link area master PLC writes to 3000-3007 the Slave reads this and writes to 3008-3015 which is in tern read by the Master PLC. Is that basically it?
  2. Yes I am currently using the HSC on the CP1L-M60DT-A. I am considering placing a serial connection between it and a CP1L-L10 moving the occupied HSC inputs over to it. Use the HSC on the M60 for encoder 1 and the other 2 encoders to the L10. Speed is not an issue as I am correcting a position after a stall detect on the master step motor. I just need to adjust each axis using a jog command to place each axis at the same position independent of each other. I am pretty sure the PLC is able to calculate the average of the 3 encoders and allow me to move each axis to a corrected position. I may have to move each axis or 1 or 2. I won't know until i get feedback from all 3 axis at stall.
  3. Sorry the Plc is a CP1L-M60DT-A. I don't mind the extra programming it is the hardware cost I wish to keep to a minimum. My steppers would need to be placed in a jog mode and run until my encoder values are met so handling that through 2 different pics shouldn't be a problem. I am just not sure of the best way to do the communication of the added plc to the main plc. The current plc would handle the servo and the single step motor axis as well as command the 2nd plc to handle the move on the other 2 stepper axis. The application requires the 3 step drives to be located at the same distance from their homed position. This distance is critical but is never a known position. I am running the 2 steppers in a following mode to the master axis. My thought is in my programming read the encoders at the time the drives are killed and reposition the 3 drives to average position of each encoder position. Hope that makes sense. Feasible?
  4. I need to add 3 encoders to my project. Currently my PLC Inputs are full. I am using high speed counters 0.00 and 0.001 to monitor a motor RPM with an encoder. I now wish to add 3 encoders to monitor position of (3) other linear axis controlled by stand alone (Zeta 6104) stepper drives. I have 3 open outputs on this PLC but all inputs are used. What are my hardware options to add additional encoders to allow me to track and correct the 3 additional axis. My first thought was to add another CP1L and use PLC1 0.00, 001 for ENC1, PLC1 0.002, 0.003 for ENC2, PLC2 0.00, 001 for ENC3, PLC2 0.002, 0.003 for ENC4. I thought this would allow me to use additional I/O from the second PLC but I am not sure if this is even possible. Is it possible to connect 2 PLCs this way? I will need additional I/O to send to these stepper drives to make the corrections. Do I need to add an expansion unit to the existing PLC and 2 additional high speed counter modules? The encoders are all Omron E6C2-CWZ6C. I would appreciate any advise on options to add these encoders and help point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance to any help.
  5. I am having trouble with homing my spindle using the org(889). I have wired the phase-z (pin 19) to CIO 0.06 (Pulse output 0: Origin input signal) and a limit switch to 0.10 (Pulse output 0: Origin proximity input signal) When I issue the RUN command and ORG(889) using the #0000, #0000 the spindle raises and slows to search for the origin input signal. As far as I understand this should only need to be done once. After that I should be able to use ORG(889)#0000, #1000 to issue a origin return. The (servo) spindle doesn't move when this is executed. My limit switch is a lever type that after it trips needs to allow the spindle to drop 0.33" before it resets. I need to have the spindle reset if it has been lowered even 0.005" for my application. I am not sure what I am missing. I do not have a a CW limit input in this application as I was using this limit switch to kill motion of my spindle when at the highest position. Repeatability was not accurate enough. If I need a CW limit i will have to sacrifice an input as I am full at the moment.  Looking at the Auxiliary Area Data  should I be setting A540.10 with 0.06? I'm missing something.    
  6. Encoder Input to control Servo RPM

    Thanks I'll work on it over the weekend. Everything checks out as it was my wiring after all. Had 3 and 5 instead of 4 and 6 plugged in on -24v. Noticed it right away. Too much on my mind I guess.  Question: Does the ACC insruction work with the SPED?  Rapid up and down would be nicer with a ramp up of the RPM. Sorry just read back and I have to set those parameters in the servo drive.