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  1. Connecting to SLC 500

    I'm trying to connect to a SLC 500 (1747-L40A).  Looks like there is only an Ethernet connection, but I don't know the IP address or where to get it.  Any ideas?
  2. Panelview 1200

    Thanks Kaiser, I am not the one buying it, he had just used the word 'mint' I guess they are actually used but in good condition.  So if I wanted to pull the program off the old panelview and download it into the 'new' one, I need Panelbuilder 32?  If it is discontinued, how and where can I get it and will my computer be able to use it if I did?
  3. Panelview 1200

    The operators were complaining that the panelview's display is too dim to be able to use.  It is in an already dark room, but I'm not exactly sure that there is anything really wrong with it other than the inability to read it without a light source.  Maintenance is planning on just buying a new one and replacing it, but I was certain we didn't have the program to write the program, and as it turns out, I am right.  Thank you for helping TWC! 
  4. Panelview 1200

    My maintenance guy brought me this one, they have a panelview 1200 most likely from '95.  They want to buy a mint condition 1200 and replace it, but none of us have worked on panelviews.  What program do we need to talk to the panelview to be able to upload the existing program to our computer and download it to the new one?  I'm pretty sure it's going to be panelbuilder, but I want to make sure.
  5. SLC 500 IP address

    Joe, what about the SLC 5/04
  6. SLC 500 IP address

    My company probably won't let me get that device, though it would be nice...  So if I connect to it via Ethernet and open RSLinx, the IP address will show where?
  7. SLC 500 IP address

    Hi, I am pretty new at this, but I have a SLC500 with Ethernet connection.  It's existing in the system and has been there for a lot longer than I have.  I wanted to troubleshoot it for a problem the system had but I don't know the IP address.  How can I figure out the IP address?
  8. programming micrologix 1400

    I ended up doing that, and it worked perfectly, thank you TWC.
  9. programming micrologix 1400

    I want to Download then.  I browse my computer for the location of the file, but it comes back with no files...
  10. programming micrologix 1400

    I finished a program for a micrologix 1400 on my RSLogix 500.  How do I load that program into the processer, I'm using an Ethernet cord to hookup, but I can't seem to upload the program.
  11. AB VFD

    Parameters 43 and 44 were Frequency, I was able to set the maximum to 72, and eventually to 90.  I will be looking into the motor to see what it is rated to.
  12. AB VFD

    Revised:  It's a Powerflex 520 Series.  I need to increase the voltage to get 120%, so instead of 60 Hz, I need 72 Hz.  I know it's not sustainable, we are trying to test something.  Is it possible and if so how can I do it?
  13. Micrologix 1400 Post mortem

    Thanks Kaiser, I will.  When I took the job, I expected to work under another Engineer and be able to learn from them, when I got here, I am the only Engineer in the building with the other Engineers in the city being R&D at the officer building...  So no real help there either...  So basically I am greener than I should be, and I'm thrown into a position that everyone seems to think I should be able to solve all their problems...  Thank you to all you who are able and willing to provide help!
  14. AB VFD

    Not sure exactly what model I have, but I'm 99% sure it's an AB Powerflex.  I need to increase the Hz from 60 to 80 to attempt to increase the speed on a grinding mill, but I have 0 experience on setting VFDs.  Any help is appreciated.
  15. Micrologix 1400 Post mortem

    I think it getting wet played a part in it, but it worked for 300 parts before going bad.  Maybe it was on it's way.  BTW, it's a 1766-L32AWA Series B FW 15.  But as you said, it will probably cost more to do the post-mortem than it's worth, this is a small plant, I'll never get authorization.