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  1. I have a Telemecanique SR1 B201BD smart relay that I would like to program.  I have downloaded and installed ZelioSoft2 V5.1.  I will be connecting my laptop up to it via the SR1 CBL01 serial cable.  I am currently running Windows 10 as my host PC, but have VMs all the way back to XP in 32 and 64 bit varieties.   Now when I try to communicate or transfer, I get an error "DC46_10" which describes possible solutions such as com port already in use.   I have search around and have found two conflicting answers about ZelioSoft2 and its ability to program SR1 smart relays.  On Schneider's website it says ZelioSoft2 can program SR2/SR3 smart relays, but other forums like this one say it can also program SR1.   If it can not program SR1 smart relays, where do I find ZelioSoft1 or whatever programming software is required to program this smart relay.