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  1. Tool for I/O distribution

    Hi, I found what I was looking for and it's an interesting tool. I have used and it works very well, it's called IO Builder ( ).  
  2. Tool for I/O distribution

    Hi, I am looking for a tool to make I/O distribution in a PLC of around 1000 I/Os. I have a lot of redundant signals (2oo3, 2oo2) and I have to make a consistent distribution in the modules and racks considering some criteria: different channels of redundant signals in different racks, etc. Normally I have done this manually but I wonder if there is a tool to do this much faster and without mistakes. Builders from manufacturers, like TIA portal from Siemens or IAB from Rockwell, are of course very product oriented, they are a great help to select the right hardware, as far as I know they are not able to distribute redundant I/Os. Anybody knows if a tool like this is available?
  3. PLC Sizing

    Considering about 3-4 digital inputs and 1-2 digital outputs per motor you will have around 240-360 I/Os. You can have something else depending on your case (AI for example). In any case for this amount of signals you have many options from most manufacturers: Siemens (S7-300 for example), Rockwell (have a look to ControlLogix), Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc. You need a medium size PLC.