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  1. CP1E RS232 Setup

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new here, I have a CP1E-N40DR-A And i need to send a string of data to a printer over rs232 from the built in port on the PLC, I have had a look online and canot find any information on what I need to do. all the tutorials are for CJ2 cpus ect and the instructions that I would normally use on a CJ2 dont work on CP1E PLC's. Any help or light shed would be great,  Thanks in advance
  2. Addressing I/O

    Hello Guys and Girls, I am new to Omron and I am just setting up a new project. I have populated my rack in the (I/O Unit And Table Setup) but how do I address the physical inputs and outputs?  I started to populate the symbols area but when the inputs I had typed in 3.0 - 3.15 (16 inputs) It wouldnt let me populate the other 16 inputs (3.16 - 3.31) of the 32 input card?  What am I doing wrong? any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. MrEngineer